Amtrak Tickets

Washington, DC New York, NY Adult $213.00
Philadelphia, PA Miami, FL Adult $127.00
Seattle, WA Los Angeles, CA Adult $131.00
Chicago, IL Denver, CO Adult $255.00
Memphis, TN New Orleans, LA Adult $79.50
Albuquerque, NM Chicago, IL Adult $189.00
Dallas, TX San Antonio, TX Adult $48.00
Charleston, SC Orlando, FL Adult $88.50
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USA Rail Pass

15 Days  8 segments  Adult  $389.00
15 Days  8 segments  Child  $194.50
30 Days  12 segments  Adult  $579.00
30 Days  12 segments  Child  $289.50
45 Days  18 segments  Adult  $749.00
45 Days  18 segments  Child  $374.50

AMTRAK® Train Tickets and Rail Passes

The United States may be one big country, but its landscapes, architecture, cuisines and people offer a great diversity of wonders to explore. Whether you are interested in shopping, dining and sightseeing in big cities such as Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago and New York City - or you want to visit America's famous natural attractions, including the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls - or experience the thrills of our renowned amusement parks, Amtrak can help you make the most of your trip.

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AMTRAK Train Tickets

Amtrak trains take you directly to the center of America’s best loved cities, including Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. Stay in the city or sleep in comfortable onboard accommodations as you cross the nation east to west through Glacier National Park or north to south along the winding Pacific and Atlantic Coasts.

From your US arrival city, you can reach practically every major town in the country without the stress of struggling through airport security or trying to read a map as you navigate unfamiliar roads in your rented car. Amtrak’s route network of trains covers all of the USA with swift, comfortable, convenient service from city centre to city centre.

Use our point to point booking system to buy the perfect train ticket for your needs. Should it just be a short hop fron New York to Washington DC or an overnight from Chicago to Seattle, we will be able to provide you with the cheapest Amtrak train fare.

View the Amtrak route guides and route map here and plan you trip.

Tour the Amtrak Viewliner and Superliner trains.

Read the Amtrak information brochure to learn all about travelling across the USA.

AMTRAK - USA Rail Pass

Amtrak is the USA's national rail network, serving over 500 stations in 46 states on a 22,000 mile route network. The USA Rail Pass enables International travellers to travel throughout the USA with maximum flexibility and comfort, at an affordable price.

There are 3 rail passes to choose from, valid for coach class travel and covering various regions of the US. Passes are valid for 15 or 30 or 45 days of consecutive travel and offer stopovers along the way.

Amtrak Rail Passes offer travellers the luxury of traveling at their own pace, enabling them the opportunity of seeing as much of America as their schedule permits.
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